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The TRC Restoration approach to insurance claims is collaborative. It is our goal to analyze a loss objectively and determine the legitimate and realistic expected cost of repairs and communicate the scope and cost clearly to both the customer and the insurance carrier.


All too often, we run into parties on both sides of the situation, property owners and insurers, who come into a situation with preconceived notions about all other parties’ intentions. Many property owners believe their insurance company is going to short change them, and many insurance carrier representatives believe their customers have the capacity to be dishonest and wrongly inflate their claim. Often times, both owners and insurance companies assume that contractors are just out to make a dollar, even if that means they need to take short cuts on projects or over charge the insurance carrier to meet their target profit.


We take a positive approach to property restoration and try to make an incredibly difficult situation as smooth and easy as possible for owners and insurance carriers alike.  We do this by fostering open communication from the get go. 


TRC has developed strong referral relationships with many major insurance carriers over the years, particularly among long time and very experienced adjusters. These relationships are built on trust due to TRC's reputaion in the industry and community.


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