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The TRC Process


Step #1


Who We Are

General contractor specializing in restoration due to fire, water, storm, or vehicle impact damage.


What Makes Us Different

•Excellent reputation in the community
•Small family run company
•50 years in business


What We Do

Restore, repair and improve your property.

Step #2


Determine Cost
Each job is unique and there are a lot of factors that go into determining cost. Our experienced estimators provide detailed cost estimates and can walk you through them in detail.


Determine Scope
It is important that both parties have a strong understanding of what the project will entail.

Educate The Customer
Our expert team will explain claims process from start to finish.

Step #3


TRC estimators, project managers, subcontractors and labor crews will all have a role in your project.


Your project manager with help to determine and explain the sequence of events, necessary selections, access to the property, and the preferred method of communication.


Major milestones and a tentative completion date with be determined at the start of the project.

Step #4


How We Get Paid

 An experienced TRC estimator will work with you or your insurance company to determine the cost of the project and establish a reasonable payment schedule.

When We Get Paid

With insurance claims, the payment schedule is typically determined by the insurance carrier and your mortgage company, if applicable. On remodel jobs, we evaluate each project on a case by case basis.

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