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Water damage can happen at any time. If your home needs repairs due to damage from water or flooding then TRC Restoration is the only phone call you need to make. We have been repairing water damage in DFW metroplex homes for over 50 years. Water damage can come from many places; water heaters can break, severe weather, flooding, leaky pipes. You want a contractor who knows how to fix water damage and repair homes after a flooding. We are located right here in Tarrant County and have been serving the metroplex for a long time.

Water damage restoration projects may include moisture removal and damage inspections, structural damage inspections, debris removal and cleanup, and build back or reconstruction. When restoring your home or business to its pre-flood condition, TRC Restoration will identify all signs of water damage and ensure that any water damaged materials are removed from your structure to prevent any future damage.






TRC is a full service restoration company, providing water removal, contents handling and reconstruction services. We are capable of responding 24 hours a day, 7 days of week. Once your structure has been dried, we will work with your insurance carrier to determine the scope and cost of repairs using the industry standard estimating platform, Xactimate.


No one plans to suffer water damage and TRC is sensitive to the special timing concerns with insurance claim repairs. Our rapid response, custom communication and use of technology set us apart.


Water damage can be incredibly difficult to repair. The longer a structure contains standing water, the more damage can be caused and the greater probability that mold and fungus will start to grow. The professionals at TRC Restoration know how to identify the extent of water damage and have years of experience cleaning up and rebuilding following water damage.


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